Thursday, October 13, 2011

Interview with Ashley Ording of Fancy Fine!

I have been a big fan of Ashley's blog, Fancy Fine, and her adorable vintage style for a while now. In setting up Audrey Grace I have been reaching out to some of my favorite bloggers and vintage stylists to collaborate on curating a small section of the boutique. Ashley agreed, and her section will be vintage, of course! I am so excited to share this interview with her.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your blog.
I live in the hills of San Francisco with my cat Donut and way too many dresses. I started Fancy Fine about a year and a half ago because I figured it was time I started sharing my obsessively collected vintage with likeminded folks. Opening a shop on Etsy came shortly after and although it's a lot of work I'm loving every minute of it. 

Tell me about the vintage pieces you chose for Audrey Grace.
I chose pieces from many different decades: the 1940's through the 1980's. Despite being from very different times they look wonderfully dreamy together. I went with a pale, romantic color palette with lots of lace and sweet details. Overall, I wanted the pieces to be super feminine and special, the kind of treasures that elicit a happy gasp when merely looked at.

Who is your style icon?
I couldn't possibly name just one! I will always have a soft spot for 1960's dolls like Anna Karina, Brigitte Bardot, Marianne Faithfull, and Pattie Boyd. I've also been reading a lot of books about 1920's starlets like Clara Bow and Louise Brooks and their style is endlessly inspiring. But I think I'm most inspired these days by fellow vintage style bloggers, there are so many amazing ladies with singular style.

What are your favorite Audrey and Grace films?
My favorite Audrey film is a tie between Funny Face and Charade, both are so different but wonderful. My favorite Grace film is How to Catch a Thief, she looks so unbelievably beautiful in those costumes.

What can you see yourself buying from Audrey Grace?
I adore the dresses made by Kelsey Genna and Alexandra Grecco. I had the pleasure of meeting both of them last month during a New York adventure and they were sweet as can be. I was so impressed to hear about how they run their labels almost singlehandedly, there is so much work involved and they do it all with style.

What was your favorite SS12 show?
I really loved the Carven show, especially the colors and the ankle strap shoes. I also adored everything about Luisa Beccaria's collection, everything about it was so pretty and romantic. I also fell in love with nearly every Valentino dress, as usual.

Who are your favorite artists and designers?
When it comes to art I've always been drawn to photography more than anything, and my a few of my favorites are Todd Hido (a good friend of mine), Tim Walker, Martin Parr, and David Hamilton.

What other blogs do you admire?
A few of my favorites (there are so many!) are It Girl Rag DollHannah & LandonNakedcowgirl VintageThe Little Deer, and Tales of Endearment.

If you could style any celebrity who would it be?
I would love to work with someone that already has lovely personal style, like Kirsten Dunst. It would be so much fun to source beautiful vintage pieces from around the world for her to wear at fancy parties. Although I suppose it would be better to pick someone completely clueless about what to wear, eh?

What are your favorite films for fashion?
My favorite fashion scene in a movie is the montage in Funny Face where Fred Astaire is photographing Audrey Hepburn all over Paris wearing the most fabulous outfits imaginable. And Picnic at Hanging Rock definitely fuels my passion for white dresses and boater hats.

What are your favorite spots in NYC and San Francisco?
My new favorite NYC spot is a bar called Maison Premiere, a beautifully old fashioned place with perfect cocktails and oysters. In San Francisco I could probably go and on about my favorite spots, but I keep going back to Encore Karaoke for signing with my buddies, NOPA for a perfect meal, Held Over for racks and racks of vintage dresses at decent prices, Arizmendi Bakery for my favorite cookies on earth, and Smuggler's Cove for the ultimate Tiki drinks.

Any vintage shopping secrets or tips?
Look everywhere, not just in vintage stores. Look in thrift stores, especially ones in small towns. Be open-minded about hemming things and switching out ugly buttons for cute ones. Bring a giant tote bag with you. Go to flea markets. And, most importantly, buy only what you love... even if it seems like something you might never wear. You never know, maybe you just need a glass of champagne before taking that silver brocade mini dress out on the town!

Thank you so much, Ashley! (All photos are courtesy of Ashley) 

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