Monday, October 17, 2011

Interview with Hannah Metz of The Loved One!

Hello! Over the past week I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Hannah Metz. Hannah designs lingerie and vintage inspired garments for The Loved One, owns a boutique of the same name and sources beautiful vintage clothing. She also writes a very inspiring blog, Hannah and Landon. Looking through all the photographs in her blog, it seems this Hannah has the most amazing wardrobe. Hannah is also an artist, and is creating some beautiful art especially for the boutique. I will also be stocking Hannah and Elvia's lingerie collection, The Loved One.

Tell me a little bit about yourself, your blog and your lingerie line and store, The Loved One
I live in Brooklyn with my husband, Landon and our two kitties, Pippin and Bobo. I started writing on the internet (livejournals and the like) over ten years ago and I suppose only recently settled into the title of "blogger" (though I still feel a bit uncomfortable identifying myself as such). The Loved One began as a vintage wholesale business with my partner Elvia in late 2009 and with the help of Kickstarter, Elvia and I were able to launch our first lingerie collection this past January. We had two pop-up shops before finding our own space and setting up a permanent TLO location in Pasadena. It's been a busy year for us!

Hannah's store, The Loved One in Pasadena, California
The photography on your blog is beautiful. Do you take the photos yourself, or do you often collaborate with photographers?
Thank you! The photos are taken by both Landon and I unless otherwise noted (most recent entries have included photographers Petra Collins and Aimee Brodeur). 

What are your favorite spots in Brooklyn or NYC?
My home! There's nothing better then gathering at home with food and friends. I also will never tire of trips to the Met, The Museum of Natural History or Central Park. 

Who is your style icon? 
I don't think I really have one. I admire people who manage to live independently of other people's influence. I think my partner, Elvia is a wonderful example of somebody who marches purely to the beat of her own drum. She is very much Elvia and not a pinch of anybody else. (I could say the same about my husband Landon, whose style I may not always agree with but who I admire for always staying true to his personal aesthetic.)  

What do you think the future is for The Loved One and your blog?
I'm not sure about the future of my blog as it's just a sort of silly habit that I've indulged in too long to give up! Maybe one day I'll sit down and get serious about it but right now it will probably continue to be a sort of photographic journal of my life. The Loved One, however, I've grande plans for! Hopefully a NY location within this coming year, a collection of clothing that can be worn outside of the bedroom and a new collaborative project with various photographers and illustrators that we're launching this November. 

Who are your favorite designers and artists?
I will forever hold a special place in my heart for the Pre-Raphaelite artists (especially Lizzie Siddal & JW Waterhouse), a handful of Renaissance painters and our crew of creative pals here in New York who are continuously inspiring in their dedication to their various crafts. Favourite designers right now include Orla Kiely, Nadinoo, Peter Jensen & Rodarte. 

Who are your favorite photographers?
I love the romance of Ellen Rogers, the creativity of Alison Scarpulla & the quiet beauty of Aimee Brodeur's work. 

What are you creating for Audrey Grace?
Underpants :D! Also working on a few fairy tale related drawings. 

What is your favorite fairy tale? 
I've always loved the original Little Mermaid where she gives up her life for love. (Though looking back on it now, what a dolt that prince was.) I also love the stories of Ondine and Giselle. 

What could you see yourself buying from Audrey Grace?
Something of the shamelessly girly handmade made variety! 

Thank you so much Hannah! I hope all of my readers are enjoying the interviews! 

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