Monday, September 9, 2013

Last Days of Summer: Southend on Sea

As summer draws to a close here is a shoot that will have you ready for next summer! My friend and photographer Eleanor Hardwick told me about this magical place called Southend on Sea in England, and we decided it would be a great place for her to shoot some Audrey Grace dresses. Eleanor's work is beautiful, and her photos perfectly capture the Audrey Grace girl's day at the beach. Hope you enjoy!

Photographer: Eleanor Hardwick
Models: Hannah and Agata at Next
Photography Assistant: Rachel Hardwick
Clothes from Audrey Grace


  1. Oh my goodness - I went here on the off season and did not explore enough - and missed all of these lovely pastel places and I should have been wearing one of your dresses!. <3

  2. These are absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. is a perfect combination: eleanor's pics, your clothes and location! TOTAL

  4. These pictures are amazing! I especially love the first bubblegum pink dress matching the candyfloss <3

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  6. Wow! You managed to make Southend look like a really nice place! That takes skill! The beach consists of muddy quick sand and I lost one of my shoes there as a child after getting stuck. It's got charm though, I'll give it that! The last one is my favourite, lovely frock. x

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