Saturday, August 31, 2013

London Days

The blog has been really quiet over the summer. I have had a crazy summer battling a life threatening illness and then bouncing back to the best of my abilities. Every day is a better day for me, and I am so thankful for pulling through. Over the summer- I coordinated, worked on and styled some pretty amazing shoots. Some for Audrey Grace and then the other were editorial works. The below is a collaboration between  myself and the Faroe Islands raised, but London based photographer Beinta. There is no other way to describe her work other than hauntingly beautiful. She also shot the new cover of Oh Comely Magazine- which I will be working with more in the future. Take a look here: Oh Comely.

Photography: Beinta a Torkilsheyggi
Clothing: Audrey Grace
Model: Megan @ Models1


  1. Oh Jaclyn that is awful! I hope you are ok. I can't believe you managed to work on anything at all, let alone this amazing shoot. I remember the first day that I came across "Oh, Comely" magazine, it was three years ago now, I was interning in London and went into this little magazine store on broadview just on my lunch break. I remember being truly inspired by the editorials in it. I was so so so excited about fashion, and diy and everything. This post is reminding me of that feeling!

    Get Well!