Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Shoot: Wendybird by Katie Eleanor

A magical shoot I styled, photographed by the amazing Katie Eleanor and with many designs by the very talented Nicole Eymard. The shoot took place in London at Richmond Park, and was inspired by Wendy in Peter Pan. Thank you to this incredible team, who I hope to work with again!

Photographer & Props : Katie Eleanor
Stylist: Jaclyn Bethany
Assistant Stylist/Designer: Nicole Eymard
Model: Annie at M&P
Hair & Makeup by Alice Moore
Photo Assistant: Kirsten Dalton

Dress & Headpiece by Nicole Eymard
Dress by Lady Petrova and headpice by Nicole Eymard 
Headpiece and cape by Nicole Eymard
Dress by Vivetta, props by Katie Eleanor
Dress and Headpiece by Nicole Eymard
Headpiece by Nicole Eymard, Dress by Lady Petrova

Bralette by Nicole Eymard
Vivetta dress, Nicole Eymard purse and headpiece
Headpiece and headpiece by Nicole Eymard

Headpiece by Nicole Eymard, dress by Lady Petrova
Dress by Wayward Daughter, Headband and purse by Nicole Eymard 


  1. There photos couldn't be prettier if you tired. Nicole's accessories. I LOVE HER!

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    thank you.

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  5. wow wow wow, BEAUTIFUL pictues! I like the vintage style!

  6. I love katie´s work! She´s so talented and your selection of clothes is amazingly dreamy !

  7. Stunning pictures. The blue Lady Petrova dress is beautiful!

  8. beautiful! and i adore your shop! x

  9. The ever talented Nicole, so in love with that headpiece. They lighting in these photo's are beautiful.

  10. Gorgeous!

  11. I adore this Jaclyn, so so dreamy <3 x x

  12. So beautiful! :) I'm in love with the headpieces, the dresses, the atmosphere... everything!