Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Interview with Nicole Eymard

Nicole is a magical designer based in London. She creates whimsical, beautiful hand made pieces that look as if they were plucked from a fairy tale. She has created two special collections for the boutique, the first was a winter collection based on birds, berries and the colors in Disney's Snow White. The second collection was also inspired by Disney, only this time it was the classic tale of Peter Pan and Wendy. I had the opportunity of interviewing Nicole a while ago, and I am happy to post the interview now. For more on Nicole and her inspiring style, check out her blog, here.

Tell me a little bit about yourself, what you do, and your line. 
I started out being very interested in botany, etymology, zoology, and literature. When I wanted to wear the animals, plants, symbols, and personification I knew fashion design was the perfect solution. I have been making accessories since I was very very little and I have truly never stop working to this day, even when I talk to someone, I will be creating a collection in mind based on the earrings they are wearing. So I guess I am either a workaholic or I truly live, eat sleep, fashion. I feel very strongly about clothing meaning something, and I stand by this idea in my daily attire. There always has to be a theme, whether its playing with colors, a scene from a movie, or a game of cat and mouse! This applies to my collections as well. In the end I want my pieces to be bought and put together as if they were paint and supplies for an artist.

Tell me about the first special collection you designed for Audrey Grace. 
I was inspired by birds and their nesting routine. The silhouette and fit is very birdlike due to the flared princess seams!  The color palette is all about primary colors with a twist, kind of like the colors in Disney's Snow White. There will be bird zipper pulls, stuffed berries and a nest purse!  
How would you define the type of girl that wears your clothes?  
An artist who doesnt care what people think, and lives out her personal fairytale everyday. Or a researcher who can spot the referances they would only notice.
What is your favorite decade for fashion? 
The first few years in 1800 which is call the Regency period. Everything about that time was so exciting, everywhere around the world!  I think I love it so much, especially in France becasue symbolic
Fashion was very important for survival. People would wear crazy exaggerated things to show they belong to the correct political group, or even chose specific colors. My favorite was wen the women cut their hair short and wore sheer gowns that they would get wet with water to reveal there naked bodies or their flesh toned knitted body suits! This was all in the name of politics!
What are your favorite places in London? Shops, cafes, etc. 
I am a huge fan of Spitalfields Market on Thursday. I also love all the Indian food places. I am a big museum nerd and frequent all the museums constantly...The V&A is my absolute favorite!
Your spring lookbook is beautiful! What was the inspiration behind it? 
Thank you! I was inspired by Victorian flower stands. There are quite a few in San Francisco (my hometown)  and when I was little I thought they were the most magical part of San Francisco, besides the Sanrio store that used to be a department store size haha. So basically the striped paper that the flowers are wrapped in and the pink cellophane were used in my collection. There is a rain cape witch resembles and upside-down bouquet of flowers.
Who would be the ultimate celebrity you would love to see wearing your designs?  
Any of the interesting and or Indie film girls: Amy Adams, Miranda July, Kirsten Dunst, Natalie Portman, Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci, Cate Blanchett...if I could only pick one it would be Amy Adams...I truly love her!
What are your favorite magazines, books and films for fashion?  
Magazines: Lula, Pop, 10,  Amelia's magazine, British Elle can be a guilty pleasure sometimes  
Books: The Great Gatsby, any Virgina Woolf book, surreal early 20th century Russian literature, Poetry by Keats and William Blake, Damien by Herman Hesse, Emille Zola and the list could go on for an eternity...  
Films: The Piano, Angels and Insects, The Red Shoes, Cate Blanchett in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Black Swan, Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, Bright Star, Sleepy Hollow, Perfume, West Side Story, A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean), Hansel and Gretel (Korean)...the list goes on
Who is your vintage (and modern) style icon?  
Vintage: Schiaparelli, Chanel and Lanvin 
Modern: No one really because everyone has stylists!

Who are your favorite designers and photographers? 
Designers: Miucca Prada, Schiaparelli, Poiret, Chanel in the beginning, Lanvin in the past, Vivienne Westwood  Photographers: Claude Cahun, Tim Walker, SeeBerger, Man Ray, Lee Miller, Pavlunk
What can you see yourself buying from Audrey Grace?  
I'd like to shop your vintage selection and Hannah's lingerie (The Loved One)
What are your favorite Audrey and Grace films or looks they have worn?  
For Audrey, I would have to say its a tie between Charade and Roman Holiday. As for Grace I would say Rear Window.
Describe an ideal day for you. 
I would have a traditional English breakfast and then visit a museum house that is rare and interesting, Have high tea at the Ritz Carlton for lunch and then head to Spitalfields market and find some thing really interesting, Go to see a masterpiece movie at the theater and then have a 8 course dinner with perfectly paired wine.
I know you said you were working on a Lula magazine inspired collection. Can you tell me more about that? 
Well the collection isn't inspired by Lula, but would definitely fit into the magazine seamlessly.  I am really obsessed with Victorian hair art, braiding, bows, cotton organdy, gold thread, gold paint, relics, saints in Catholicism...any more information and I will give all the surprise away! 

All photo courtesy of Nicole Eymard. 


  1. Thanks for the interview, it was fantastic. I love, love, love Nicole and think she is ridiculously talented.

  2. A girl after my own heart. When I met Nicole I knew we were kindred spirits, she never fails to inspire me.