Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Up The Wooden Hills A/W 11

I am a big fan of Lisa Marie Andersson's designs for her beautiful label, Up The Wooden Hills. Lisa always uses the most beautiful handmade techniques in making her dresses. She also uses Liberty fabrics, my all time favorite fabric! Audrey Grace is stocking Lisa's spring collection, as well as select pieces of her AW collection, a preview of which is below. Lisa was also happy to describe her inspirations for this collection.

Lisa also created two custom dresses just for the boutique- the "Audrey" dress and the "Grace" dress. Both are exclusive to Audrey Grace. Lisa's collection of dresses and tops always have the dreamiest names- Emilia, Evie, Nora, Alice, Mirabelle and Lucy.. Which girl are you?

Lisa on her collection: 

When I create my garments I usually get most of the influences from different things that are somehow present in my life at the moment. When I started to work on the Autumn/Winter 11 collection I was very inspired by children's books, fairy tales and youth literature. Mostly stories where the main character goes on a voyage, an adventure or tries to solve a mystery. I was also inspired by British costume dramas and BBC television shows like The House of Elliot (the moods, the characters, the set design, the colours and the clothes)!

Even though most of the influences for my work are from things that surround me in my every day life, I do, however have one constant inspiration or basic evaluation that I always want to incorporate in every collection: comfort and sustainability. All garments I make have their origins in traditional women's wear silhouettes and I always want them to feel comfortable, classic and beautiful - a piece of clothing that you can feel happy in, wear often in your every day life and keep for a long period of time. Something less trendy and instead more unique. I hope the new A/W collection will feel that way for people too! 


All photos, courtesy Up The Wooden Hills

Which of these beautiful frocks do you see yourself daydreaming in? 


  1. Your blog is so stunning. I love everything about it and your style is so pretty. I wish I lived in Jackson so I could buy my wardrobe from your entire store.
    Thank you for the email, I will reply soon. It sounds amazing, and I would be totally honored, but I just have to make sure I have time.

    You'll here from me shortly!

  2. Your blog is beautiful, your style is so simple and gorgeous! I adore your boutique as well. Would you like to follow each other? X

  3. Love these pictures Jaclyn! The parasols are so cool I could die! :)