Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Interview with Jessie Lily Adams!

I have had the pleasure of working with Jessie Lily Adams on the photography exhibit for Audrey Grace. Jessie is a London resident and the photo editor of Lula. She has also done stunning work for Material Girl and the designer Charles Anastase. Jessie will be exhibiting some truly beautiful prints in the exhibit, I am sure all of which will sell very quickly! Jessie's photos are truly magical. I think her fashion photography is like a beautiful fantasy with a spot of child-like innocence. A couple of days ago I spoke to Jessie and asked her a few questions about herself and her work. Below is a sneak peek of Jessie's work and some of the prints that will be sold at the exhibit.

Hi Jessie, tell me a little bit about yourself and your work. Where did you grow up?
Hi! I grew up in Sheffield, in the north of England. Then Five years ago I moved to London, and have lived here since. I mainly take fashion images, although I do have a background in fine art photography.
Tell me about your position as photo editor at Lula- what do you do for them? What is it like to work there? 
I started for the last issue, as Jenny the photo editor who had been there since the beginning had left, and they needed someone to fill in. Its great fun! The team is quite small and they are so talented. Its an honor to work there as when I first started taking pictures Lula was the magazine I dreamed of shooting for, both because of the style and content but also because fashion photography has traditionally and still is quite male dominated, and Lula shows how many incredibly talented photographers there are who happen to be women. 
Tell me about your collaboration with Charles Anastase. 
I first met Charles five years ago through my best friend Gary Armstrong, who was working for him at the time. I got to know him well, and he asked me to take some picture that he could draw from (he is an amazing artist). Then we also shot a look book with Valentine the creative consultant and stylist for the brand. Charles is amazing to work with, he is a genius when it comes to womenswear, I completely adore his clothes. I have got most of my work now from the fact that Charles and Valentine showed such faith in me when I had done barely any published work, and so I am very grateful. 
What do you like about living in London? What are your favorite shops, neighborhoods, cafes, etc.?
I love to walk around London, especially on the embankment along the river. And I live in walthamstow, so right next to my house is a nature reserve where you can walk for hours. I don’t have a favorite neighborhood I like most of London,  its hard to choose as they are all so different! I like to shop at Orla Keily in Covent Garden, Miu Miu on Bond Street, and Topshop at Oxford street is always reliable, and Cos is amazing for basics. Plus you have great vintage shops in Notting Hill. I like Cote in Soho for great steak, and the Wolseley for afternoon Tea. 
What is your favorite childhood memory? 
Probably when I got my first bike for Christmas when I was about 4. It was a green mountain bike.
Your work has a fairy tale like quality to it. What's your favorite fairy tale? 
The Little Mermaid, is that even a fairytale? I think Disney will have had a lot of influence over that answer.
London is so great for emerging fashion designers. Who are your favorites?
Charles Anastase, I guess that’s obvious! Mary Katranzou is incredible,  and probably the ultimate; Meadham Kirchoff are simply genius. 
If you could photograph any celebrity who would it be? 
Julianne Moore. Or Courtney Love.  
What are your favorite films, photographs, books,etc. for inspiration?
Nabakov novels are great as the prose are so descriptive, classics like The French Lieutenant's Woman and lots historical biographies- lots of Novels really, as I read a lot, and I think its nice to get inspiration from stories rather than imagery sometimes as its more form your own imagination. I do always find period dramas like Downton Abbey great as I’m so obsessed with the costumes and houses. 
What other photographers and artists do you admire?
Photographers like Deborah Turbeville, Yelena Yemchuk, Lina Scheynus and Ellen Rogers I admire very much. Artwise I love the work of Henry Darger and Cy Twombly.
Who is your style icon? 
Ohhhhh er, I don’t really have an icon as such but I think lots of people for all different reasons look great! Ashley Olsen, Mara Wilson in Miracle of 34th Street, Rose Byrne is always chic, Kirsten Dunst....I could keep going for ages...
What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?
Just Christmas generally! I love winter and Christmas more than any other season, winter coats, Christmas markets at Chatsworth House and Columbia Road in East London, mulled wine, Christmas trees, everything!
Have you always wanted to be a photographer?
What are your favorite Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly films?
I like Funny Face, I don’t think I have seen anything with Grace Kelly...
What will my customer be able to purchase of your work at Audrey Grace?
Some images that I did with Charles Anastase and Valentine Fillol Cordier.
What could you see yourself buying from Audrey Grace?
Most everything!
Who is your favorite Brit?
My friends.
What is on your fall wishlist?
A Miu Miu oversized clutch, a Paul Smith coat, and everything from Carven.
If you could transport to any decade and place where/when would it be?
London in the 18th Century.
What does the future look like for you? Any exciting projects/exhibits? 
Lots more editorials and possibly some portraits, we shall see...

Thanks so much, Jessie!
All photos courtesy Jessie's website

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