Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Interview with Ashley Cheeks of It's Okay My Dear!

A few months ago, I discovered an adorable line called It's Okay My Dear. I contacted the designer, the lovely Ashley, and was so excited to know she had created an adorable spring collection! I was aesthetic as I looked through the lookbook, focusing on pieces appropriately named the "Hello Kitty" shorts, and the "Trapeze" top. Even though these items won't be in other stores until the spring, they will be exclusively available at Audrey Grace and I am so excited! Then Ashley mentioned she lived in Jackson for ten years, and I just couldn't believe it! It's basically fate. I am so excited to be stocking a Southern designer in the store! Ashley is based in NYC like me, seems like we have lots in common!

Hi Ashley, tell me a little bit about yourself and your line, It's Okay My Dear. I am originally from New Orleans, but have been living and working in Brooklyn for about 4.5 years. My line is a collection of dresses, and separates. I dabble in hair accessories from time to time. I love mixing vintage style with a modern twist. All of my designs tend to have a nostalgic essence to them, extending to the name of my brand which is from a lullaby my mom wrote for me when I was a baby. 
What did you like about living in Jackson? What were some favorite Jackson spots, and how do you think Audrey Grace will contribute to the retail scene there? My favorite part about living in Jackson was the artist community in Fondren and being surrounded by such talented people like William Goodman, Jason Marlow, & Ginger Williams. I also miss having ladies dance night at the dive bar WC Dons (RIP). Audrey Grace will be a breath of fresh air for Jackson! The brands you've picked up are cult worthy in the blog world so seeing the pieces in person in Jackson would be a dream come true. 
Who is your style icon? That is a hard one to answer.... there are so many stylish ladies & gents around! I would say Anna Karina, Edie Sedgwick, Alexa Chung, and definitely old photos of children in the early 1900s! Kids seem to be able to wear anything in those days and look incredible.  


What are your favorite places in Brooklyn? Bakeri is a must. Delicious little treats and they have a heavenly oasis in the back with a small pond. Hotel Delmano for cocktails... I wish their main parlor was my private kitchen. The interior is very historically beautiful. 
Who are your favorite designers? Definitely Balenciaga throughout the 1950s/60s and I love Luella. I also tend to like particular collections of designers.... always depends on the story they are telling. I used to watch the Chanel Couture SS2006/07 show continuously. The first time I ever saw it I cried. My favorite era's of style would be children's wear in the early 1900s and women's wear in 1940s-60s
If you could visit any place in the world where would it be? I would visit Paris again, and stay try to stay as long possible until they kicked me out! I'm also dying to visit Berlin. 
What are your favorite Audrey and Grace films? For Audrey... how do choose just one! The scene in How to Steal A Million when she is wearing the black lace eye mask and her sparkly eye shadow glitters beneath always has stuck with me. All the Givenchy in Funny Face is so beautiful and I always just loved the first scene in the movie with all the different colored doors at the Magazine house. For Grace, To Catch A Thief! The lighting in the fireworks scene is so beautiful.
 Which celebrity would you love to see wear your line? Sooo many cute ladies out there! Carey Mulligan, Zooey Deschanel, and Alexa Chung all wear clothes so beautifully. I also am getting a little crazy over Elle Fanning. She is adorable! 
What could you see yourself buying at Audrey Grace? I'm sure I would want to buy one of everything!! I love purchasing artwork so maybe a piece from one of your commissioned illustrators! 

It's Okay My Dear Lookbook- Trapeze top and Hello Kitty shorts, available at Audrey Grace Boutique!


Thank you so much, Ashley! 

I have had such a busy, exciting week! I visited the Jill Stuart and Sretsis showrooms, picked up my orders from Rachel Antonoff, and Zoe Twitt, I was also contacted by designer Samantha Pleet and I am excited to be stocking her fall line in the shop! It's so dreamy! I also visited Alexandra Grecco and got to see her new collection up close, and discuss some new custom pieces which is so exciting! I also did an interview for a magazine today, which will be printed in December. I'm doing the shoot for it Sunday, I can't wait! I've also kept busy watching films at the New York Film Festival. I went to the premiere of Melancholia, and Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg (two very stylish ladies) and the dashing Alexander Skarsgaard were all there! Such a beautiful film, I hope Kirsten gets some recognition because she truly deserves it. That's all lovelies! I hope you are enjoying my series of interviews, I am having so much fun with it!