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Interview with Cait of Wayward Daughter

I have been a fan of Cait's blog, Wayward Daughter for a long time! I am excited to announce a collaboration between myself and Cait. I will be stocking Cait's first Wayward Daughter fashion collection and she is making four adorable custom dresses for the shop. I am thrilled to be working with her because I think we have really similar taste! We are both huge fans of Lula Magazine, Peter Pan collars and vintage style. And in other exciting news, most of the pieces Cait will design will be exclusive to Audrey Grace Boutique. I had the pleasure of interviewing Cait, you can see the results below!

WD Launch
One of Cait's adorable designs that will be available at Audrey Grace
Museum (1 of 8)
The beautiful Cait on the streets of Edinburgh 
What is the story behind Wayward Daughter?
When I graduated from studying costume last summer I was unsure of what route to take next. I've never been interested in working in 'Fashion', as it is so often described. I started making garments for myself and wearing them on my blog and I received such a positive response that the idea of Wayward Daughter began to evolve.

Can you tell me a little about your design process and where do you draw your daily inspiration from (i.e., your blog)?
I think that studying costume instead of fashion has shaped the way I design, I tend draw inspiration from fictional characters and period garments.

What do you think is special about using Liberty fabrics? 
Liberty fabric is so nostalgic and quintessentially British that I find it impossible to resist.

A Liberty fabric Cait will be using for her designs for Audrey Grace, chosen by Florence Welch
Have you always been interested in fashion, vintage and accessories?
Always! Ever since I was a little girl clothes have been top of my agenda.  

Who is the Wayward Daughter girl? What is her aesthetic?
The Wayward Daughter is prim, nostalgic and feminine with just enough masculinity. 

Who would be the ultimate celebrity (or even a style icon from the past) that you would love to see wearing your brand?
It's a total blogger cliche but I would love to see Zooey Deschanel sport Wayward Daughter. Blair Waldorf would be a close second.  
Since the boutique is called Audrey Grace what are your favorite Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly films and photos, or even specific outfits they have worn?
My favourite Audrey Hepburn film has to be Roman Holiday, the costumes are absolutely timeless but I don't think that anything can rival Grace Kelly's wedding gown!
Who are your favorite artists and photographers?
I adore Tim Walkers photography and Tissot's paintings - Both utterly enchanting in their own way.

Who are your favorite designers?
My all time favourites are Mulberry, TBA and Luella. I thoroughly miss Luella Bartley's influence on British fashion! (Me too, Cait!- There will actually be some exclusive Luella available in the shop!

What (music) are you listening to now?
It all depends on my moody but in my little studio I've recently been listening to a lot of Jenny Lewis, Debussy and Nina Simone.

How did you come up with the name Wayward Daughter?
One afternoon I was listening to Classic FM when then played The Clog Dance from La Fille mal gardée  I listen to the station a lot and by chance I remembered that the English translation is The Wayward Daughter. I instantly knew it was the name for me and registered the domain later that day.

Who are your style icons?
Francoise Hardy
I've always been inspired by 60's darlings Françoise Hardy and Pattie Boyd but my true icons are entirely fictional - Jenny Agutter as Bobby Waterbury in The Railway Children, Ali MacGraw as Jennifer Cavalleri in Love Story and Kirsten Dunst as Amy March in Little Women. 

What can we expect from your future? 
I'll continue to blog - I wouldn't give it up for the world! I'll be sewing too so expect to see a lot more dresses with peter pan collars.
What is your ideal day? 
It would be autumn and I would have to be in London. I would spend the day eating, drinking, shopping and walking. I adore walking in London, there is so much to see what is completely missed on the tube. 

Tell me a little bit about what you are creating for Audrey Grace Boutique. 
I've designed a series of dresses especially for AGB, inspired by the nostalgic of childhood summers.
Any favorite places in Edinburgh?
So many but Analogue Books, The Red Door Gallery, The Cuckoo's Bakery and the roof top of The National Museum of Scotland are a few of the best.
Thanks so much Cait! More to come soon....

Leith Docks
A custom collar designed by Cait

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