Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lovely Liv

Hello everyone! Very sorry for the lack of updates lately, I have been a very busy girl. I have been alot of freelance styling lately, please check out my styling website here: A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of collaborating with Olivia of What Olivia Did, and the amazing photographer Martha Boxley. If you are not familiar with these two lovely ladies work, please check them out! Olivia is a very popular and lovely blogger in London who is a true Audrey Grace girl. I couldn't think of a more fitting title for this shoot other than Lovely Liv! Hope you enjoy the photos!

Photographer: Martha Boxley
Model/Stylist: Olivia Purvis
Hair and Makeup: Michelle Dacillo
All clothes from Audrey Grace Boutique, unless other wise noted:
* All shoes and accessories are Olivia's own

Dress by Nadinoo, Sunglasses are Olivia's own

Top and Pants by TBA, Sunglasses are Olivia's own

Dress by Sretsis

Dress by Alice Nightingale for Audrey Grace


  1. I like very much the style of this photos!

  2. Very pretty :) The first shots remind me of Alice in Wonderland - painting the roses red.

  3. Very lovely! I love all the pastel colors! Beautiful photographs (:

  4. Such dream like photos... Olivia lovely as always

  5. I saw your magazine and I really like it! And now I found your blog and is super inspiring too! Great job,really! <3

  6. aaah wow !! she is beautiful and so your pictures are