Friday, June 8, 2012

Lazy Afternoon: New Photoshoot!

The online store launches next Monday! In order to build up excitement for the launch of the online shop, I will be posting the shoots I have been working on recently. There have been so many, and they have all been so beautiful! The first is this shoot, which I called "Lazy Afternoon". Recently I had the opportunity of collaborating with the lovely Ashley Moe, photographer David Mendolia, and Ashley's husband Kyle on this dreamy shoot. I remember when I found Ashley's adorable blog and work. I was so excited we got to collaborate. Ashley and I co-styled, and the shoot took place in Ashley's hometown of Minneapolis. Hope you enjoy the photos! Bookmark to start shopping June 18th!

Photography: David Mendolia (
Styling: Ashley Moe ( and Jaclyn Bethany
Videographer: Kyle Ramsey Moe
A huge thank you to everyone involved!!

Lauren Moffatt Dress, Sunglasses & Ukelele- Ashley's own
Nadinoo dress
Alice Nightingale for Audrey Grace dress, shoes, camera and hairpins Ashley's own
Vintage dress from Audrey Grace headband and ring Ashley's own
Vintage dress from Audrey Grace and headpiece Ashley's own
Wayward Daughter for Audrey Grace dress, shoes Ashley's own
Vintage dress from Audrey Grace, headpiece Ashley's own
Lauren Moffatt dress, shoes, belt and sunglasses Ashley's own


  1. it's beautiful! i absolutely love the dress with the silver stars, it's like a peter pan complex within a dress.

    x olive

  2. Ah, beautiful photos, beautiful outfits, beautiful people. One word: LOVE. X

  3. Gorgeous photos!
    I'm holding a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to enter? :)

    Kirsti xx

  4. Love these shots, I definitely spy some Nadinoo in there. I love Nadinoo, my fave British designer by far! I have a dress in that airplane print. You have a really great eye, I love everything stocked in your shop!

    Charmaine xx

    1. Ah! I stand corrected! The print is Liberty of London, but not by Nadinoo. Whoops. Still lovely all the same.

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