Sunday, June 17, 2012

Audrey Grace Online!

The boutique is now open online! Shop here! I have got an array of designer clothing, vintage, accessories, art work and much more. I will be adding products gradually. We also ship internationally. 

Avery wears Jill Stuart dress, available at
Carly wears dress by Vivetta, Floral Crown by Alexandra Grecco
Alex wears dress by Kelsey Genna for Audrey Grace and Floral Crown by Kelsey Genna

Photos: Beth Morgan
Illustrations: Natasha Thompson
Styling: Jaclyn Bethany
Hair and Makeup: Jessica Lynn
Models: Avery Burns, Carly and Alex Good
Assistant: Caroline Jaques


  1. Amazing creations and I love the surrounding illustrations, so pretty!

    Have a great week

  2. Firstly, I just got to let you know how much your blog made my dayyy!! i can't believe such loveliness actually exists!?! Amazing amazing.. From the layout to yr blog posts.!!! Definitely my fav blog now<3

  3. sooo sweet, great creations, love especially the second photo of you <3


  4. Just discovered your shop. I must say it is so wonderful and the pieces are so amazing! My favorites ones are -



  5. I'm so so so so happy that you've opened up an online store. You have brought together so many great designers, and now I will finally be able to buy things that a girl in Canada never could, and I might be sounding very melodramatic but thank you thank you thank you ; )