Monday, January 9, 2012

Interview with Linda Portman

Lately, I have become obsessed with all things Scandinavian- and specifically Swedish. After seeing the new version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on Christmas Day, I began reading all of the books. Seriously, how amazing was Rooney Mara? Anyway, it gave me the urge to travel to Sweden, and specifically Stockholm one day. There's also some great, sleek Swedish brands- Acne, anyone? I imagine myself in a black leather jacket and jeans from Acne pounding the streets of Stockholm in some awesome pink Swedish hasbeens. I've also heard Sweden has excellent vintage shopping. I've always admired the work of Swedish born, London based stylist Linda Portman, and then discovered the amazing work of the Stockholm based photographer Jessica Silversaga. You can check out Linda's website here. She styles amazing fairy tale like shoots for publications such as Material Girl, and styles the lookbooks for TBA, which Audrey Grace stocks. She's also in the process of launching an online magazine herself, which will be called Coquette Journal. The website will be here. Below, enjoy beautiful photographs of Linda's styling and a lovely interview with the lady herself.

Hi Linda! Tell me about what you do and how you first discovered fashion. 
I work as a stylist but I too have a  blog called Alice in Wonderland ( and take photographs. Not really sure how I discovered fashion, it just grew from being music and dance obsessed.
What is a typical day like for you?  
Each day/week is different. 
Your shoots have been featured in some of my favorite magazines, like Material Girl. What do you do in order to get ready for a shoot and come up with a concept? 
Each season I look at the shows and find what inspires me, I start with this and then I collaborate with the photographer on themes/ ideas for the shoot. When this is ready I start to request clothes that fits the theme and hope that I get my favorite looks. For each shoot I try to find special things that adds an extra touch to the styling.  Ideas comes from magazines, films, children's books, art, a certain color, books etc etc.
What would be your dream magazine to style for? 
Vogue Italia with Tim Walker or Paolo Roversi being the photographers.
Which celebrity would you love to style for an event? 
Dakota Fanning!
Who are your favorite designers? 
Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs  (including his work for Louis Vuitton) have always been loves of mine. I usually like Miu Miu, Rochas, Comme des Garcons, Nina Ricci, Prada, Chanel, and Valentino too. And I did love Tao.
Who are your favorite artists and photographers?  
I have so many.....!
Photographers: Paolo Roversi, Deborah Turbeville, Sally Mann, Francesca Woodman, Irina Ionesco, Sara Moon, Steven Meisel, Tim Walker.
Artists: Renoir, Waterhouse, John Currin, Lisa Yuskavage, Annie French among others.
Where are you originally from? 
Uddevalla, Sweden.
What are your favorite places in London? (shops, neighborhoods, etc.) 
Maison Bertaux, Sketch, The Swedish Church, Ritz Hotel, The Victorian Cemeteries, The Churchill Arms, The English Restaurant, The Albion are a few places I love.
I see you travel alot.. What has been your favorite trip this year? 
My New York trip that I took in late September. The weather was amazing and I really loved seeing my friends again.
What was your favorite SS12 show? 
I really loved Comme des Garcons!! Then also Chanel, Rodarte, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Prada.
Do you have a dream shoot idea? Anyone you'd love to work with or a concept you'd love to shoot? 
This would be a secret!
I love your collaboration with the illustrators featured on your blog! Tell me a little bit about that.  
The artists I have worked with so far are Jenny Tallberg and Polina Barskaya. We have collaborated in the same way I do with photographer's, only they paint instead of taking photos.
I see you style the TBA lookbooks. What do you love about those designs?  
The clothes are adorable. When Bin Bin started her label "To Be Adored" there was a gap in the market for sweet clothing, perfectly made for an affordable price and it did set her apart from everything/ one else.
What are your favorite blogs? 
I have one I read every day, Nio till Fem.
What are your favorite films for fashion? 
I don't really have one. I did like Polly Maggo. I do have millions of movies I love though, but they are not technically fashion films.
What's your favorite decade for vintage? 
I have a few! Turn of the century and then the 60's and 70's.
Tell me about the website your developing, Coquette Journal? 
It is a platform for fashion of the times in a lovely Coquettish Manner.
I love this quote by Anais Nin: "I disregard the proportions, the measures, the tempo of the ordinary world. I refuse to live in the ordinary world as ordinary women. To enter ordinary relationships. I want ecstasy. I am a neurotic — in the sense that I live in my world. I will not adjust myself to the world. I am adjusted to myself."
What does the future look like for you?  
I do have a couple of shoots in January and the rest of mine time I will give to my Coquette & Alice in Wonderland. I do have bigger plans for 2012 but don't want to talk too much about them. I do want to learn more about photography and then travel more. Do some more painting.

All photos, courtesy of Linda Portman. Thank you so much, Linda! 


  1. I loooove Scandinavian fashion- excellent photo choices by the way!

    XX Kathryn

  2. great interview - her shots are amazing! thanks for sharing :)

  3. just found your blog and i absolutely looove it <3