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Interview with Nadia from Nadinoo!

I discovered Nadinoo earlier this year, and I am so happy I did. The designer, Nadia, manages to design the most dreamy collections season after season. There is truly something for every girl with Nadinoo. Nadia's designs are hand made, and she uses the most beautiful Liberty fabrics for her designs. She designs for three fictional girls who represent the Nadinoo brand- Fleur, Pixie and Lula. Needless to say, I own much of the spring and fall collections! I interviewed the lovely Nadia below..

Nadinoo's Winter 2011 Collection

Tell me a little bit about you and your line, Nadinoo.
My name is Nadia and I’m a British designer based in Manchester. I set up Nadinoo three years ago with aim of creating lovely handcrafted clothing that would be adored by the ladies who wear them.
What inspired you to create a fashion line?
I think it’s every fashion designer's dream to one day have their own collection to showcase their love and passion for clothing. I was always in love with the process of making a garment so setting up Nadinoo was a perfect way for me to get fully involved.
Where does the name Nadinoo come from?
Nadinoo is my nickname.
Have you always loved fashion?
I’ve always loved clothing from as far back as I remember, I don’t think I really knew what Fashion was until much later. My mother made most of our dresses as children which I’m sure were very unfashionable at the time but I loved them to bits. Was always thrilled when allowed to select fabrics, lace and other trims to adorn them. 
What do you love about living in Manchester and what are your favorite places there?
I’m only just starting to know the Manchester I love, my experience living here as a student was much different so I’m happy I’ve been able to come back and rediscover the city. My studio is on the edge of the Northern Quarter, which has most of my favorite shops and cafes. You are likely to find me hiding away on a rainy day in the Tea Cup or Home Sweet Home with a pot of tea and huge slice of carrot cake. This area is where most of the independent shops are located and the Craft and Design center where I’m hoping we can soon open up our first Nadinoo shop. I love that Manchester is constantly evolving with new places opening and events happening each month. Visiting the Artisan market once a month under the old railway bridges in Castlefield is a definite highlight for me. I love seeing people selling product and produce that they are so proud of and always fun to hear the story of how it’s made.
What's on your fall wish list?
I think I’ve already done most of my winter shopping, been pretty excited about the cold this year which is first for me. I have stocked up on woolly tights so I can carry on enjoying all my dresses. I found some beautiful Wellington boots from Kurt Geiger that are nicely fitted to look more like a regular boot in a shimmering brown colour. Some nice black patent lace ups from Office with a comfy heel to go with my new Orla Kiely checked coat I bagged at their sample sale in London. Also grabbed myself a pair of lovely navy tailored shorts from Kooples at the weekend so I can wear all my Nadinoo shirts this winter. I think my look is much smarter this season, I’m sure that is reflected in the Nadinoo collection. Wow that feels a little like a confessional although I know there is still more.
What are you looking forward to doing over the holiday season?
I’m looking forward to finding the perfect tree to decorate with all our many wonderful handmade decorations, drinking plenty of mulled wine with friends while roaming the Christmas markets, picking out silly stocking filler presents for my husband to make him laugh and enjoying time off with friends and family eating roast dinners galore.
Who other designers, photographers and artists do you admire?
At the moment I’m admiring smaller labels like TBA, Colenimo and Dear Creatures who have managed to successfully create beautiful clothing via the small production rout. I hope one day I can find the right factories I trust who will help produce our collections on a bigger scale. I don’t have as much time these days to scour the net for inspiring photographs, but the photographers I have been admiring lately are Jamie Hooper ( Simon Filip ( and Jessie Adams ( All producing dreamy photographs that take me somewhere beautiful!
If you could see any celebrity wearing you dress who would it be and why?
Zooey Deschanel has been my answer to this question from the start so and I’m going to stick with her until she has no choice but to give in and wear nothing but Nadinoo. The girl is amazing I think we are all a little in love..
What are your favorite books and magazines for inspiration?
I love reading books that calm me or take me places I’ve never been, I read a really cute book recently about a young Chinese girl who moved to New York with her mother, it was such a sad but inspiring little story.  
The magazines I like are a little more predictable Frankie and Lula have set the bar pretty high, would love for another mag to pop up that rivals them..
What is your favorite fairy tale?
At the moment I’m a little in love with Red Riding hood. I think I’m just eager to make a red cape to run through the woods in..
What are your favorite Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly films or looks they have worn?
I’m have a huge soft spot for Audrey, her style is timeless. I loved her pixie haircut and most the outfits she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's. All her films take me to a happy place, especially on a rainy hangover day. Grace Kelly I’m not so familiar with, what films would you recommend? (All of them, but especially Rear Window and To Catch A Thief! 
What is the future like for you and your line? 
I really have no idea what will happen with Nadinoo from one collection to the next, I just hope we continue to grow and keep the amazing following we have gained so far.

Thank you so much, Nadia! Check out more lovely designs from Nadinoo below!

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