Monday, October 31, 2011

Marie Hochhaus

Marie's photography is probably one of the most amazing things I have discovered in the past year. This girl is so incredibly talented. The Ophelia shoot, a preview of which is below, is based off of one of my all time favorite Millais paintings. I am so excited to announce her work will be on display in the Audrey Grace gallery, although her prints will not be available to purchase. Nevertheless, customers will be able to view these amazing images in person in the shop. I had the chance to speak to Marie about her work while discussing the exhibit, her answers follow below.

Photography by Marie Hochhaus
Model is Helen from MD Management
Styling by Jana Krentzlin
Hair and make up by Tan Voung/Basics Berlin
Assistance by Franziska Ebert

Where are you based?
Hamburg, Germany
What is your favorite.....
Childhood memory?
Santa Claus because he was the guy who always had presents!
Fairy tale?
The Little Mermaid.
Alexander McQueen.
Tell me about your most recent Ophelia shoot. It was so beautiful!
Thank you! To do this shoot was the idea of talented Tan Vuong, who did the makeup. We waited all summer to come together, but the weather was horrible in Germany this year. During the last weekend in August we thought "now or never".I was really excited to do this shoot because it was the first time Iworked with Jana as a stylist and because we had planned it for so long. In the end it was a very cold day, and I just had about four hours to shoot, but Helen (the model) was the bomb, she laid patiently down on the ground while spiders wandered all over her legs and arms, and she even went into the water. You can't imagine how cold it was!
Tell me about your work for Material Girl.
My work for material girl is not commissioned. I did the shoots for my portfolio as free projects. I sent the photos to material girl and was very happy that they printed them in their beautiful magazine.
Who are your favorite photographers and artists?
I guess I've got very popular taste: I love Tim Walker and Gustav Klimt.
What films and books do you watch for inspiration?
I don't watch films very often, but David Lynch and old films like The Bride Wore Black are kind of fashion inspiration.
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
Iceland. I went there two times and fell in love with the nature there, but wanderlust is something that I almost never feel.
What do you love about Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly?
Beautiful girls. I don't need any other reason to love them.
What does the future look like for you? Do you have lots of exciting shoots coming up?
Yes, but I don't want to talk about it yet. Stay curious!

Thank you so much, Marie! All photos courtesy: 

Photography by Marie Hochhaus
Model is Nell from MD Management
Hair and make up by Tan Voung/Basics Berlin
Assistance by Jan Reiser


  1. She is indeed so so talented. Her photographs are so beautiful!

  2. Such a fan of her work! Her "Ophelia" series is so beautiful, ah. I'm in love.