Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Interview with Kelsey Genna

Kelsey is a beautiful designer from New Zealand who I've had the interview of working with on some custom dresses for the shop. Photos and interview below!

All photography by Kelsey Genna and Jeannine Tan. www.kelseygenna.com and kelseygenna.tumblr.com

Can you tell me a little about your design process and where you draw your inspiration from?
I get a lot of inspiration from photography, music, and fashion history. I would also say I source a lot of inspiration from things around me. The music I listen to, the films I watch, the people I surround myself with. I live in the country amoungst a lot of greenery and nature... so there is a lot of beauty to be discovered. Maybe this is one of the reasons I am so greatly influenced by flowers? I spend as much time as I possibly can travelling, and without fail always return with a fresh perspective and full of new ideas.
How long have you been designing? It is something I have always loved and been interested in. I didn't begin learning how to sew until I was at high school. 
What type of girl do you see wearing Kelsey Genna? What is her aesthetic? I would certainly say the 'Kelsey Genna girl' is a reflection of myself... my personal style and the clothing I want to be wearing. 
Who would be the ultimate celebrity (or even a style icon from the past) that you would love to dress? This isn't something I spend a lot of time mulling over. It would have to be someone of the past ... a sixties icon. I find it to hard to choose... I have too many favourites.
Since the boutique is called Audrey Grace what are your favorite Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly films or even specific outfits they have worn? Funny Face is probably my favourite. I must admit I haven't seen too many Grace Kelly films... sadly my video store has a very limited selection.
Can you tell me a little bit about the Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn designs you are creating for the boutique? I am working on two speical pieces for the launch of the Audrey Grace boutique. Each one is a tribute to these two wonderful icons. The dresses are still a work in progress ... but I am hoping to create something that personifies both Audrey and Grace whilst having my personal touch to them.
Who are your favorite artists? Caitlin Shearer is my all time favourite. But there are so many artists I love particuarly from past movements like the Pre Raphaelites.
Who are your favorite designersThere are many designers I admire for many different reasons. But when possible I do my best to support handmade and independent designers and artists.
What (music) are you listening to now? At this very moment? The National.
I see your collections always have beautiful, elegant qualities about them and each piece has a different character. Is that something you've always tried to achieve? To be honest it actually isn't... but it is so lovely that is something you pick up on. 
Lastly, what can we expect in the future from you? I am really looking forward to developing my label further. I hope to alway be able to keep the handmade and bespoke touches a part of Kelsey Genna. 
More specifically... you can expect a lovely new collection September/October. 

Thanks Kelsey!

In more Audrey Grace news, the lovely Lisa Maria Andersson of Up the Wooden Hills did a lovely post on the boutique here: 
More exciting news and interviews coming soon!

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